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Keep game night lively and fun with this week’s list of top board games for family game night. From fancy dice to herbaceous folklore, they’ll impress the whole family.

Is Sunday night game night at your house? Well, kudos, because game nights are great for family bonding and inspire a healthy dose of competition. But, if you’ve played Monopoly for the umpteenth time, it might be time to update your game closet with some of these top board games for family game nights.

We’ve got some great suggestions in this week’s roundup. From gorgeous dice vaults to an RPG about herblore, they’re sure to inject your play with extra fun and intrigue. Let’s check them out.


Skyrise trailer

If you love Sébastien Pauchon’s 2008 Metropolys, then Skyrise is a natural continuation. Created by Roxley Games, this engaging board game places you as a visionary enlisted to help create Skyrise, a magical city in the sky.

Skyrise will be dedicated to art, beauty, and science. You direct the building efforts with your own designs as well as with those inspired by artwork from your homeland. Based on auctions, faction discs, and bluffing, it’s an intriguing way to spend an evening.

Preorder it for about $49 on Kickstarter.

The Enchanted Vault & Other Dice

The Enchanted Vault & Other Dice glisten in sunshine

Are dice games a regular part of your family game nights? Then you’ll want to check out The Enchanted Vault & Other Dice by Everything Dice. Known around the internet for handmade dice, the company’s latest product is a hardwood dice vault decorated with bright splashes of resin.

The premium black walnut wood case holds dice up to 25 mm in size, so it’s great for both regular and oversized dice. Lined in soft gray velvet on both the top and bottom, it’ll keep your prized dice in pristine condition.

Speaking of dice, you’ll want to pair a box this beautiful with equally gorgeous dice. The company has 12 new handmade designs that match the vaults, including Dreamwalker, Sorcerer Ascendant, Great Wave, and more.

These game accessories start at $89 on Kickstarter.

Arcana Core Musical Dice

Arcana Core Musical Dice in brass

Add a magical, musical effect to your dice games with the Arcana Core Musical Dice. Thanks to their free-floating internal cores, these tuned dice ring like bells when a player tosses them.

Created by a Denver-based dice maker with a background in audio engineering, these dice are the result of hours of experimentation. Meanwhile, the detailed production process ensures they are highly balanced and uniformly fair, which is why the made our list of top board games for family game nights.

Preorder a single brass die for $37 on Kickstarter


Herbarium promotional image

Love botanical mythology and folklore? Then you’ll have hours of fun playing Herbarium, a 5th-edition supplement. It introduces foraging mechanics, over 60 real plants, and a guide to creating fictional plants with their own 5th-edition properties.

DMs and players alike will appreciate the full content. The book boasts over 100 pages of text that explain a foraging system, real plants and their legends, new subclasses, character backgrounds, and much more.

Want to help bring Herbarium to …….



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