Tuya Smart, JEM, and Razer Expand Monster’s® Strategic Partnership with Launch of Razer Chroma™ RGB Integration – PRNewswire

This new integration will enable immersive decorative lighting experiences indoors and out and consumers will soon elevate their game with next-level, real-time LED multi-sensory lighting experiences. Designed to enhance existing in-game play, this partnership was galvanized with the commitment to expand the Razer Chroma™ lighting ecosystem dynamically and dramatically. Monster™ Smart Illuminessence™ will be the largest selection of Razer Chroma-enabled lighting products in the market.

Tuya and Monster’s strategic partnership was initiated in 2018 and officially announced three years ago during CES in 2019. Today’s announcement marks a step forward for both parties toward realizing a smart future made accessible to all. By leveraging Tuya’s industry-leading IoT Development Platform services, they have been able to bring these smart products to consumers’ homes quickly and reliably.

“As an important strategic partner, we’re proud to support Monster™ Smart Illuminessence™ and JEM’s continuous innovation using our open IoT Development Platform services,” said Eva Na, CMO, Tuya Smart. “This new integration with Razer Chroma™ will open up new possibilities for consumers looking to enhance their gaming experience.”

Seamless Integration

Razer Chroma™ RGB is the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices. As the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer’s open ecosystem allows partners to connect their devices into the Razer Chroma™ ecosystem with Razer Synapse, bringing full-spectrum beauty to more gamers. Monster™ Smart Illuminessence™, manufactured by license partner JEM Accessories and developed with Tuya’s IoT technology integrates seamlessly with all Razer Chroma-enabled devices to create a larger visual footprint within users home Wi-Fi network. From health statuses, power-ups and wins, every in-game action, on-screen color, and beat of music can enable connected lights to react in-real time seamlessly.

“Gamers are many things today. Gamers want to be entertained, gamers are competitors, gamers are content creators and Monster® thinks that lighting the environment that you’re gaming in enhances that experience for all types of gamers,” said Kevin Lee, SVP of Corporate Development, Monster®. “Relying on Tuya’s ecosystem for device integration has allowed us to realize the opportunity to provide these gaming experiences to all consumers.”

With over 16 million colors and endless possibilities for creative expression, all Monster™ Smart Illuminessence™ devices are RGB-enabled, Wi-Fi, app, and voice controlled, and designed to breathe spectacular color into any environment.

Raising the Bar with Monster™ Smart Illuminessence™ Lighting

For the last few years, Monster® has been expanding their highly successful Illuminessence decorative lighting collection with bold design, innovative features, and international distribution. Developed by license partner, JEM Accessories, Monster™ Illuminessence™ products are currently sold at many of the world’s largest retailers. “We’re expanding the gamer’s lifestyle experience beyond the screen. When gamers sync their Monster™ Smart Illuminessence™ products to their PC with Razer Chroma™, they will experience the next level in immersive, multi-sensory gaming and ambient lighting throughout their entire home,” said Elie Chemtob, CEO, JEM Accessories. “Working with Tuya has allowed us to get these products to market quickly, competitively, and reliably, meeting the demand of consumers online and offline.”

“We’re so proud to work with incredible brands like Monster® to help them bring their innovative ideas to life and delight consumers,” said Tina Yu, General Manager for North America and Eurasia, Tuya Smart. “The integration with Razer Chroma™ will extend this …….

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tuya-smart-jem-and-razer-expand-monsters-strategic-partnership-with-launch-of-razer-chroma-rgb-integration-301455985.html


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