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A brand new video from Did You Know Gaming has revealed an interesting unreleased Nintendo Game Boy accessory 20 years later. The device in question is called the Page Boy, which would have been an additional cartridge accessory that you plugged into the game port on the back. It basically looks like your Game Boy Color got a backpack to carry around your copy of Pok√©mon Red. But the pack itself, if it had been released, would have been so much more than just a bulky accessory. It would have enabled owners to have online access, including the ability to browse on the web, the ability to check e-mail, and the ability to send selfies utilizing the equally bulky but innovative Game Boy Camera. The video documents the history of the device’s development and uses, all the way to why it ultimately was never released.

Credit: Did You Know Gaming

It’s a pretty cool video that, while surprising in some aspects that we never got this, also makes total sense if you think about this history of Nintendo and the way they used to do a lot of interaction with The Internet early on in Japan. The company is responsible for the Satellaview, an accessory you could attach to the Super Famicom (SNES) that would allow you to download games online, read online magazines, and even check the stock market. SO it only makes sense the company would make an effort to make it so you had your own little satellite internet hookup in a Game Boy Color to access the same kind of material wherever you went. Yes, it looks primitive, but for those of us who lived through the rise of the internet in the late ’90s, we can attest that it wasn’t all that sophisticated as far as display content, so the GBC would have been a perfect fit.

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