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A short time ago, APC provided us with some killer gear to test out in the form of their Back-Up Gaming UPS to be used for both PC gaming and consoles. The primary goal of a UPS generator is so that whenever a power outage or some other electrical issue comes about, you have a mini generator at your disposal to both keep your essential electronics protected and powered on. Whether that be temporary or constant for a few hours. However,m the majority of these units have been impractical for gaming as they usually take up a good chunk of space and don’t have nearly the amount of outlets you need. That’s been solved with this model, which was specifically designed for gamers to utilize. But how well does it actually do the job? The company was kind enough to give us one to try out for this review.

Credit: APC

First off, let’s start with the design. We were lucky to get one in Midnight Black, which to be honest, feels like the better choice of color for gear being stored under the desk. We’d recommend APC’s Arctic White version if you’re looking to show it off. The big thing it has going for it is the slim design. if you go look up APC’s lineup of UPS units, or any other company’s for that matter, you’re going to notice a trend that they all look like big boxes. While we completely understand the idea that these were built more for function to be stored somewhere out of sight, the reality is they don’t work well for gaming when you’re tying a number of items together at a desk or by a TV stand. This slim version with cooling fans along the top and the side are a great change of pace that fits well if you’re sitting it next to your PC tower. The only drawback to this is that the weight is more compact than spread out, so you really feel the 25 lbs. when you’re lifting it or moving it about.

Credit: Gavin Sheehan

The back end of the device, which you can see below comes with two sets of grounding receptacle outlets. One side is set to run off the UPS when the power goes out, so the essentials should be plugged into that set. PC/console, modem, monitor, etc. The other side simply serves as a fancy surge protector, so charging cables, lights, accessories, or anything else nearby that is non-essential should go here. There’s an Ethernet in/out port in case you wish to have a go-to between internet cables, as well as a Data Port for if you wish to monitor the UPS on your PC. It also comes with a cable in/out in case you wish to utilize that. The front of the device, aside from the monitoring panel we’ll get to in a moment, comes with one USB-C and two USB ports, which primarily function as a charging station. This entire design is just cool as you can plug in 10 devices and three charging setups in a single unit.

The front monitoring panel display, which on this unit APC is calling the Reactor Circle, is …….

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