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A short time ago the folks over at Wyrmwood were super gracious and sent us one of their gaming tables to review for those with little space. Like a lot of gamers out there, I don’t have a full home to get a grand table in, I have an apartment. The company’s Prophecy table would literally make whatever room it was put into my house inaccessible. When the company debuted its Modular Gaming Table designs, it changed the game a bit of what was possible to order from the company, and it provided a design I sought after for years in my place. The Lilliput is a standard coffee table version of their design and is also the smallest, which is why it was absolutely perfect for us. Before you see the company at PAX East 2022 this weekend, we thought we’d revisit our review of the Lilliput.

Photo by Gavin Sheehan

So first off, let’s look at the initial design of this. We received this lovely design in Black Walnut with a nice finish to it, it’s not overly produced like you see some tabletops by other companies where it basically looks like they piled gloss on top of it. While I know this and all of the other parts have gone through about a dozen different steps to make it look refined, I appreciate the design that makes it look like it was built by a lone carpenter just for you. This design comes with two topper pieces that sit directly on top of the frame. There’s no rubber or felt pieces underneath, so it does slide on occasion when you’re doing something on top, but not so crazy that things will go tumbling off.

Photo by Gavin Sheehan

The big reason for that, which we’ll be talking about throughout the table, is the magnets inside. As you can see here, Wyrmwood has put a pair of magnets as well as a groove on either side so that the two pieces don’t just fit, they stay together. And let me tell you, these are powerful little suckers. So much so, I had some metal dice in a felt tray during a gaming night, and one of the dice was pulled toward the magnet at the edge underneath the felt. That’s the kind of thing that makes you laugh and appreciate the design as they wanted to make sure when you used this as a table, it stayed a table.

Photo by Gavin Sheehan

The inside is where things really get interesting as you have a storage compartment/gaming space to utilize for multiple things. As you can see here, once we got the table, I started storing all of my Wyrmwood tiles inside so they were protected and ready to go whenever I needed to use them for a game. I also stored some accessories in here such as a Wyrmwood pencil and other goodies we’ll get to in a moment. Just the space alone makes for a great place to store gaming items like books, controllers, dice, and more.

However, if you keep it clear, this serves as an excellent space to play games in. Each table comes with a felt bottom that is great for setting up various things like figures and maps, putting down a DM screen at one end, giving space to roll dice, and other uses you can come up with. You get to choose …….

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