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Roblox is one of the most loved online gaming platforms in the world. The amount of love and praise it gets for its wide variety of games is phenomenal.

With millions of players playing billions of games daily, this online gaming platform has a huge fan base. Gamers enjoy a variety of genres according to their moods.

It’s been observed that the younger generation enjoys exploring horror. They love listening to stories, watching movies, reading books, and even playing video games of this genre. Roblox games never fail to satisfy their users. It has created several horror, horror-survival, and related games.

One of them is Roblox Piggy. Piggy not only comes under the category of best horror games but is also one of the best, most popular, loved, and played games on the platform. MiniToon created Roblox Piggy in 2020.

Roblox games are not just about winning the game. It’s also about living in the game, with various characters involved. Spend Robux to buy items available in the shops like in-game accessories, skins, weapons, etc.

There are many types of skins available in Piggy, including legendary, rare, and even exclusive. This article further focuses on the rarest skin in Roblox Piggy.

Deep dive into the rarest skin in Roblox Piggy

What are the skins, and how to get them?

Skins come under the category of cosmetic items in the game that players wear to change their appearance as Piggy. Skins in Piggy can also be purchased from the avatar shop.

These skins in Piggy can be obtained using Piggy Tokens. Piggy Tokens are made available by escaping. Generally, 15 Piggy Tokens are earned but can be 30 with the 2X Piggy Tokens game pass.

By capturing the Traitor and other players like Piggy, they will earn 5 Piggy Tokens and 10 with the 2X Piggy Tokens game pass on every kill. Escaping as Traitor gains 30 Piggy Tokens and 60 with the 2X Piggy Token game pass.

Skins can also be purchased with Robux (in-game currency) and can be obtained by completing quests in in-game events. Though some event skins such as Poley and Mr. Stitchy can no longer be got as the events have ended, they can only be traded among players who already have them.

List of skins in Roblox Piggy

Here’s a list of skins available in Roblox Piggy and ways to obtain them for players to view them:

Skins | Book 1

· Piggy (Free)

· Piggy (Distorted) (Reward for collecting all the pages of Piggy: Book 1 and Piggy: Book 2)

· Gurty (Free) (Replaced Piggy in April Fools 2021)

· Little Brother (50)

· Mother (75)

· Father (100)

· Grandmother (125)

· Sheepy (150)

· Pandy (160)

· Teacher (175)

· Memory (200)

· Kitty (225)

· Mimi (235)

· Dinopiggy (240)

· Daisy (245)

· Angel (250)

· Pony (260)

· Devil (270)

· Doggy (275)

· Giraffy (285)

· Beary (290)

· Foxy (300)

· Elly (310)

· Soldier (315)

· Zompiggy (325)

· Badgy (335)

· Badgy (Alternate) (300 vials + Level 6, Season 1 – Mr. P’s Lab Exclusive)

· Bunny (350)

· Skelly (375)

· Clowny (385)

· Tigry (400)

· Mousy (415)

· Parasee (425)

· Zizzy (450)

· Zizzy (Soldier) (750 gifts + Level 10, Season 3 – Holiday Hustle Exclusive)

· Ghosty (460)

· Robby (475)

· Billy (500)

· Budgey (525)

· Torcher (550)</…….

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