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If you’re looking to buy a PS5 before Christmas Eve, join the club and be ready to outsmart Santa’s most dedicated elves. There’s no doubt that video games are hugely popular, so buying a console for the holidays is always a tempting idea. There’s only one problem: It’s hard to get ahold of one because they’re so in-demand and supply is very limited. This holiday season, to get the console you really want, you need to be nimble—and lucky.

The PlayStation 5 is one of the hottest selling items this holiday season.

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Today at 3pm (EST) Walmart will have a limited restock of both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition—both will be sold at their respective suggested retail prices. Plus, you can still buy the PlayStation 5 if you’re prepared to pay a higher price for a version with accessories.

Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox consoles are also hard to find at your favorite stores or online, so people who want a new system right now are often forced to pay a premium price. But, when it comes to choosing between the Nintendo Switch, the latest Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, it’s the PS5 that is usually at the very top of most gamers’ holiday wish list.

Where To Buy The PS5: Walmart

Don’t give up hope, it’s still possible to snag a PS5. Walmart is expecting a restock of both PS5 systems today at 3PM (EST). You’ll only be able to order the system online via one of the links below—it won’t necessarily be at retail stores.

If you get lucky, you might be able to snag one of the PS5 Digital Edition consoles today (after 3PM EST) as part of Walmart’s pre-holiday restock. If you get that all too familiar “Out of Stock” message, refresh your browser and try again every few minutes.

The Sony PlayStation 5 with the built in Blu-Ray drive will also be restocked today at 3PM (EST) on Walmart.com, but not at the retail stores. If you miss out, there are still opportunities to buy a system from an independent Walmart seller (but you’ll need to pay a premium price).


PlayStation 5 With NBA 2K21 Standard Edition, 2K And Accessories

This bundle comes with a lot of extras. For starters, there’s the highly popular game, NBA2K21. Second, this is the standard edition with Blu-Ray disc drive, as opposed to the more affordable digital version. There are lots of accessories included in this bundle, including gaming headphones (but the accessories are not genuine Sony products). It’s true, this is a hefty price increase over the console on its own, but there’s a lot in the bundle.

You can beat this price at eBay, with a console only deal at $810, but, it’s definitely worth checking sites like Walmart, Amazon, Target, GameStop and Sony.com since as the holiday …….

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