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With the right Xbox accessories, you make your gaming experience a much more enjoyable one. Add in a few quality of life improvements, and you’ll feel much more immersed out there on the Sea of Thieves, or as you do battle against The Flood – some of these things are so handy, and you might not even have known they existed.

Whether you’re looking for Xbox accessories that will prolong your controller’s battery life, or things that will actively improve your in-game experience, or even simple aesthetics that will make your gaming space look a little nicer, we have a selection of options here that we think many Xbox fans would love to have as part of their setup.

In a month’s time, you might be using a new rechargeable battery pack for your controller, or enjoying easy communication with your teammates through a Razer Kraken headset, and wondering to yourself how you ever managed without these things. It is our humblest of hopes that we can introduce you to something like that.

Anyway, the best Xbox accessories are:

  • Razer Kraken Gaming Headset
  • Xbox controller stand
  • Xbox controller skins
  • Xbox console decals
  • Xbox controller rechargeable battery packs
  • Xbox thumb grips
  • Seagate External hard drive
  • Xbox Elite controller

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset has a place in our best PS5 headsets article, and it’s just as great an option for Xbox players too. So what makes it so special? Well, it uses immersive, 7.1 surround sound for positional audio, helping you to more deeply appreciate the soundtracks and soundscapes of your favourite games, and the convenience of the built-in microphone makes communication with other players a synch.

On top of all those impressive features, it’s also comfortable. The best sound quality in the world isn’t going to be worth it if it hurts your ears or head. It uses oval, cooling gel-infused cushions so that heat and pressure won’t build up around your ears, and as it is made from bauxite aluminium, it is both lightweight and flexible.

Xbox controller stand

You’ve just finished a Rare Replay marathon and played all of the thirty games in the collection. You’re tired, and you put the controller down on the floor as you get ready for bed. You go to get a glass of water, then come back in the room, forgetting the controller is on the floor. You trip on it, and fall into your television, which then collapses on you. Your baby cries in the next room, but you do not answer, because you do not hear, for you are dead.

But if you had a neat little controller stand, things would have been different. Not only will this controller stand help to make your gaming space a little tidier, but it’s also been designed to hold different types of controller – maybe you want to put your PlayStation 5 controller there too? You could hang your Razer Kraken headset on it as well.

Xbox Controller skins

While a controller stand will make your gaming setup a bit neater, Xbox controller skins can actively make it look amazing. There are tons of different options …….



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