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Microsoft recently got leaked on Amazon for the upcoming gaming controller known as the “Xbox Elite,” and this new gaming hardware is a significant device for its development of accessories for the console. However, there are speculations that this is the universal gaming controller that can connect to the likes of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, but not yet a confirmed case.

The Xbox Elite recently appeared on an Amazon listing that shows the gamepad’s new look.

Xbox Elite: Appearing on an Amazon Listing But Gets Deleted

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Xbox Game Pass

According to Tom Warren’s Twitter update, there was an Amazon listing of the Xbox Elite controller, a device supposedly slated for release on September 21, that appeared earlier. The listing on the famous e-commerce company confirmed the device for fans and gamers, confirming the arrival of the new controller next month.

According to ComicBook Gaming, this new device is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, and the listing appeared on Amazon Mexico, already deleted on the platform. The leaks confirmed this new controller after being under speculation for a new Elite gamepad coming for the public sometime in the future.

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Is This the Universal Gaming Controller from Xbox?

It is unknown what the Elite Controller Series 2 will bring to the world, mainly as previous reports discussed a new universal gaming controller from Xbox for other devices. The last Xbox Elite controller was meant for the console only, being the upgraded version of the current gamepad dedicated to the Xbox Series S and X.

Xbox and its Hardware Development

Xbox is a significant company that brings development to its devices, now centering on its latest release for the world, the Xbox Series S and X console. There were substantial tweaks to the console in the past. One of the most recent is with the Xbox Series X appearing as the “Mjolnir,” the special weapon of the Marvel hero in the latest feature film, “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Other skins for the Xbox Series X were also launched by the company that focuses on a sweepstakes raffle for users but are not necessarily for sale.

Another significant hardware development from Microsoft is the Xbox Wireless Headphones that bring a gaming accessory for all, providing a noise-canceling wearable for all audio needs.

Devices like these give gamers a chance to customize their experience with Microsoft, a lineup that provides options and exclusive tech available to elevate their gaming to the next level.

Nevertheless, a new controller from Microsoft recently appeared on Amazon, and there is no denying that it will soon release to the public for their needs and requirements. However, it remains unknown if this will be the device that will bring the universal controller that can connect to other consoles apart from its original machine.

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